Oriental epilatory treatment with sugar paste

Trattamento epilatorio pasta di zucchero

The ancient recipe for sugar paste originated 5,000 years ago in Egypt. The great Cleopatra used two rituals called “Halawaa” which consisted of a very sweet hair removal obtained by means of a paste based on water and sugar. This original epilating method is now spreading throughout Europe thanks to its qualities. Features:

• Natural Ingredients

• Hygienic

• Less painful

• Water soluble

• It is not hot

• Can remove short hairs • Prolonged benefits


Durata: 12 h, diviso in due sessioni.

Course programme

• presentation of the course

• background

• Differences between hair removal and epilation
• know the products and their use
• technical explanation of the method
• How to set the treatment

• presentation of the KIT
• practical demonstration of the treatment
• practice exercise

At the end of the course will be issued a certificate of participation.


• Sugarpaste strong 850 ml
• Sugarpaste soft 850 ml
• Sugarpaste supersoft 850 ml
• Aloe spray 150 ml
• Cleanser 500 ml
• Lavender powder 99 gr.
• Gloves 100 pcs.
• Sugarpaste warmer 01 pc
• Steel wax scoop 03 pcs.
• Enzyme body lotion 200 ml
• Sugar body peeling 450 ml
• Course Pamphlet
• Flier logo A3
• Poster logo A1
• Brochure 40 pcs.

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