sede scuola lykeion estetiste

Lykeion is located inside Palazzo De-Marini Croce one of the 42 Rolli Palaces that are part of the Unesco World Heritage.

The building is located at N. 1 in the square bearing the same name (De Marini), and the school has a large space on the main floor, in a totally renovated context, hosting large rooms suitable for theory and practice. The ideal place where to study and concentrate.

Being the Palace located in the heart of the old city it is easy to reach it from everywhere in Genoa thanks also to its being close to the Underground San Giorgio stationand to Caricamento bus stop. From the Underground Station “Genova”, nearby, it is easy to reach the two main railway stations of our city, only a few underground stops away.

The history of the building dates back to the second half of the sixteenth century, when the De Marini family, on the square built in the first half of the century, decided to have their residence built on medieval remains belonging to the same noble “family”. The monumental staircase with three orders of loggias winds around the internal courtyard, and once it communicated with the square through a dead end surmounted by an archivolt still visible today.

The marble portal with allegories of peace is by Gian Giacomo della Porta. Inside there are frescoes by Jacopo Antonio Boni and Giovanni Agostino Ratti.

Its current appearance is the result of a thorough renovation carried out in the 18th century when the Palazzo passed to the Negrone family. Also a large part of the base, apparently medieval, was transformed in that period. Sold in 1830 to Andrea Croce, it underwent the closure of the loggia on the courtyard, which was reopened only after the war.