Second year

Qualifica Estetista seconda annualità – 900 h

Access to training will be subject to verification of the certificate of attendance of the first year (900 hours) of the recognized course for Beauty Therapists.

This is the second year of a training course recognized in the broad sector of aesthetics and well-being, suitable for all those who, having fulfilled their school duties, see a concrete job opportunity in this sector. Lykeion will provide an adequate study/work method proposing great professional training courses, with highly experienced teachers, for the achievement of the professional qualification, pursuant to Law 1 of 1990 and subsequent additions.


The course will last 900 hours.
Absences must not exceed 20% of the total number of hours of the course.
The courses will be held mainly in the morning.
Regional Qualification Exams are scheduled for the month of June.

Requirements for admission

Attendance certificate for the first year (900 hours) of the recognized course for Beauty Therapists. Declaration of awareness and acceptance of the internal School regulations.

Theoretical subjects include

  • Anatomy
  • Dermatology
  • General Chemistry
  • Chemistry Cosmetology
  • Hygiene and Nutrition
  • Posturology
  • Holistic Phylosophy
  • Ayurveda Phylosophy
  • Nails Technique
  • Phytocosmetics
  • Professional Technique
  • Electrical equipment for aesthetic use
  • Professional ethics
  • Psychology of service
  • Information Technology
  • General Knowledge: legal system, the Constitution, the law on beauticians
  • Business Administration
  • English language

On a quarterly basis, written and oral checks will be carried out on the topics covered.

Practical teaching and workshops

The profession of a beauty therapist: General skills, personal and work environment hygiene (including equipment management) and preparation of the working area including: customer care, cabin management, and bed and trolley preparation.

Manicure: Aesthetics and specific treatments, including semi-permanent nail polish and basic notions on the use of gel, acrygel and small decorations.

Pedicure: Aesthetics, foot history and specific treatments, including semi-permanent nail polish and basic notions on the use of gel and acrygel, and small decorations.

Depilation and Epilation: General notions and differences between the techniques used. 

Fat-soluble wax, Sugaring and Brazilian waxing.

Face: Anamnesis, detection of imperfections and classification of skin. Pre-cleansing, cleansing, cleaning and protection treatments..

Basic massage for learning the main manual activities, circulatory massage, roulage method, lymphatic drainage, connective tissue, acupressure and scalp

Eye contour: Cleansing, anamnesis, treatment for dark circles, eye-bags and wrinkles.

Body:  Anamnesis and blemish detection

Scrub and different types of exfoliants.

Basic massage for learning the main manual activities, such as circulatory, connective, detachment and lymphatic drainage massages.

Breast: Anamnesis, treatments, manual applications and product absorption.

Man: Anamnesis, differences in man/woman imperfections face and body treatments

Wellness: Thermal water and mud, marine water and mud (SPA and Beauty Farm), energy and meridians, essential oils, blends and synergies, notions of phytocosmetics holistic and Ayurveda philosophy.

Make Uptheory and practice of corrective make-up, photographic make-up (bride), day make-up. Theme Makeup (Halloween)

Training Internship inside the school and at selected beauty Centres

End of the year: practical, written and oral test based on the assessment for admission to the final exam carried out in-house with the regional commission.

The above checks will be carried out at the end of each year.