Posture and wellbeing course

Corso di Posturologia

Course objectives

This practical theoretical program is divided into two sessions that deal with the issues related to the adaptation of postural attitude in our daily lives. Through the study of postural variables, the course aims to indicate how to recognize the causes of discomfort in this area, also supplying some solutions to reshape and shape the body image, with concrete and practical resolutions.

The activation of the course is the educational response to the expansion and evolution of the market of health, aesthetics and well-being that requires professionals having an interdisciplinary culture and transversal skills. The logic and practices of Posturology in Aesthetics are a milestone of excellence for wellness and beauty professionals.


Duration: 24 h
Lecturer: Paola De Benedetti – Naturopath, Posturologis, Kinesiologist, CSEN Teacher – GPR Global Postural Reprogramming Method –Raggi Method on Pancafit – Health coach.

At the end of the course is issued a certificate accredited by Liguria Region.    



  • Definition of posture and postural adaptation over time
  • Who are posture professionals?
  • Postural Tonic System (PTS) and CNS (Central Nervous System)
  • Entries and Exits of the PTS
  • Posture and feet support – posture and sight – posture and hearing
  • Posture and diaphragm – interference on postural system
  • Posture and Iliopsoas – interference on postural system


  • Observation Techniques of postural attitude
  • Tests to determine postural conditioning: foot support – sight and posture – hearing and balance – posture and occlusion – posture and breathing
  • Treatment of foot support
  • Treatment of sub occipital muscles in relation to eyes
  • Treatment of the tongue in relation to posture
  • Treatment of the masseter muscle


  • Aesthetic Posture: morphological constitutions and related imperfections
  • Consequences of prolonged incorrect postures
  • Postural interactions for genetic, biochemical, alimentary, social and emotional components.
  • Nutrition and backache
  • Nutrition and blemishes
  • Homeophytotherapy and detox supplements
  • Emotions and Posture


  • Diaphragmatic breathing and posture and emotional benefits
  • Muscular elasticity and proprioception
  • Treatment of the psoas and visceral tract
  • Treatment of diaphragm
  • Manual techniques in aesthetical posture
  • Movement, Relaxation, body balancing techniques
  • Instrumental Techniques in aesthetic posture

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